Things I want to make in 2017

Tuesday, January 10, 2017
If I put these things in a post I have no excuse to not do them!

Firstly I think I should mention the items I never finished making last year. As I really should finish those first before starting new projects. 

I really need to finish my Cleo Pinafore Dress. I am going to be doing a Navy needlecord version. And then I'd like to make another one in pink denim for the summer. 

Cleo Pinafore Kit  -Picture from Tilly and the Buttons. 

I also need to finish my Rosa. I have every piece cut out. I just never started sewing. I have the pieces cut out for the dress version in a tiny polka dot denim with pastel print funky inside facings.

Other items I'd love to have a go at this year are:

  • More baby items. I've made some leggings. But I'd love to have a go at many other tiny pieces ready for all my friend's babies this year. 
  • More tops. I'm always wearing simple tops and tees. I'd love to make some staple wardrobe items that I can wear everyday. 
  • A pair of yoga leggings. I love wearing fun active wear when I'm at the gym, and thought making my own pair of leggings would be fun. Just the thought of stretchy ill-fitting leggings though makes me scared!
  • A Sweater or hoodie for my other half. (He's always in them and having a custom made one might be a nice gift!)
  • A Bra- strange I know, but I've always loved the thought of a really comfy, soft bra that fits me perfectly. 

Underwear from Handmade Company Nahina Lingerie - I could just order it if I find it too hard!

Well now it's out there I have no reason to not get on with it! I'd be interested to look back at the post in a year's time and see what I actually achieved!

Happy Handmade!

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