Scrap Pipit Lounge Shorts

Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Hi Everyone, 

I hope you're all well. Have you been sewing much lately? 

So if you follow us on Instagram (Sew Jessalli) you may have seen me sharing a photo of Mum's Sydney Dress on our story. It's made in our Black Stripe Linen Viscose. Mum had a small amount left so she gave it to me to maybe add to my linen scraps for another scrap busting project. BUT it was the exact amount I needed to make a pair of Pipit Loungewear Shorts!

Free Range Scraps

Monday, August 2, 2021


Hi Everyone, 

How are you all? So something crazy happened. I took some time off!! Yes a whole week off work. My other half and I couldn't remember the last time we took a full week off work. Apart from the first lockdown haha. In three years!! So this last week we've been pottering around at home, relaxing, walking, gardening and just switching off. It was heavenly. 

As you know I've talked about having low Sew-jo the past year or so, the pandemic is obviously a contributing factor, but I honestly think I was just mentally exhausted. All of you self-employed peeps will know exactly what I'm talking about. Time-off is 50% relax 50% thinking of everything work related. So taking time off is so important as you need a few days just to work out how to relax again haha. 

Shelby Dress

Thursday, June 24, 2021

 Hi Everyone, 

So I want to share with you my new favourite dress. It's the Shelby Dress by True Bias and I have no idea why it's taken me so long to make one. It's always been on my list but I think I just bypassed it so many times when I couldn't decide on the fabric. BUT then I got this Viscose Blend Linen in the shop and totally fell in love with it. I even included this combination on my Summer Wardrobe Inspiration post. Sadly this fabric is all sold out because you all loved it too! Haha. But I do have an alternative which you can buy HERE.  

I am totally in love with the shape and style and I just think it suits my body shape. I made the short, dress style Shelby and I know I want to make another one. But maybe I'll try a romper next as I think that would be super cute for summer. It comes in a full length style as well for both romper and dress, so don't worry if you're not a fan of the mini style.
I love how the dress is made up of shaped panels which are sewn together to create the curves. It's just so flattering. 

The Marlo Cardigan

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Hi Everyone, 

I wanted to share my two Marlo Cardigans with you all. I've been wearing them so much lately. If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen me wearing them both a lot. The Pattern is by True Bias. It's only pdf at the moment but you can buy it HERE.

So the first one I made was this Grey Sweatshirt Cropped version. The Sweat-shirting was actually from my stash but I bought some for the shop as a few people wanted to make a similar version (Shop HERE). I teamed it with our ribbed grey ribbing - that's a mouthful - which worked so well (Shop Ribbing HERE). And I had the grey buttons in my stash too WIN WIN! So for me, a true stash buster here. 

Summer Wardrobe Inspiration

Thursday, June 10, 2021

 Hi Everyone, 

Hope you're all well. I just thought I'd do another inspiration post. Just incase you were stuck for ideas on your next sewing project. A lot of you loved the spring one I did and as the weather is improving, I thought it would be fun!

First up the Lyra Dress. I love this pattern, although I haven't made it yet. You know I love a ruffle hem and the floaty style is so perfect for summer. This leaf print viscose would be a perfect light, drapey fabric and it's such a bargain!

Now I feel bad about sharing this one as we are actually out of this fabric, and I cut this for myself as I loved it so much. The Shelby Dress is a wonderful staple for spring/summer and when I made this mood board I instantly added it to my list. But I have got a slightly different patterned version which would be just as beautiful. 

Next up is the Opal Trousers. The perfect paper-bag waistline and easy to style garment. We think a linen pair will take you through the summer in style.  

Lastly the Cedar Dolman Tee by Cashmerette. A great summer staple and I love this version with the tie front. We think our stripe ribbed jersey would be amazing for this, and super soft too. 

I hope I might have sparked some ideas for you all and if you do make something with our fabric, do send us a picture. We love seeing your makes. 

Happy Handmade!