Machine Embroidery Mad!

Sunday, August 28, 2011
I've been a bit machine embroidery crazy lately, due to the fact that I've purchased a new foot for my machine which makes my embroidery look extra amazing!

I haven't stopped, I've been writing with it, drawing with it, sketching with it, eating... no not eating.

What do you think of the applique canvas' I've been doing?

I've also been preparing for our first ATM market next week. It's in Shaftesbury on Saturday 3rd September and I hope some of you will be able to make it. I hope it will be a fantastic day! Although I'm still a little nervous!

I'll definitely have some new products with me though- so do come see!

See you there!

Soph x


NDRFC Help for Heroes Fundraiser

Monday, August 15, 2011
Hi Everyone, those of you who came to the fundraiser- I hope you had a great time! Thanks to Rachael Clarke for inviting us!

Mum and Jess

Mum & I- like our posh aprons?

Mum hiding behind a cushion!

We hope Rachael made a good amount for Help the Heroes! Blandford Camp played an excellent match against ND Rugby Club. Great, fun evening!

Soph x


Busy Summer Days...

Monday, August 8, 2011
Hi Jessalli Devotees!

Sorry I've been so rubbish! These past couple of weeks have been CRAZY! Mum and I are busy creating new products and can you believe it we're designing our Christmas Collection!!! GOSH!

We had a successful day at Marnhull Fest, at the end of July, It was a beautiful day and we met even more of you who have bought from us online or through the village shop! It was lovely to meet you all!

Mum and our stall at Marnhull Fest 2011.

We had lovely weather and a lovely day! So thanks again to all of you!

Another Thanks to Sue & Bob at Robin Hill is in order, for letting us STILL use their window! We appreciate it so much! Don't forget to pop up there for a selection of our products which you can buy in store!

Personalised Bunting we made recently.

We look forward to sharing with you some new products we have lined up! And hopefully I won't be as rubbish with my late posts next time!

Happy Handmade Shopping!

Sophia x