NEW Product Preview: Fabric Lampshades.

Thursday, June 23, 2016
Hi Everyone!

Our brand new lampshades are finally on the website (totally my fault-needed the time to do it all). So I've now taken the photographs I needed and you can view and buy them HERE.

I thought I'd give you a bit of background on how this new product came about. I'm still on a high since I received the bolts of my own designed and printed fabric, and I've been working hard experimenting with them and creating new things.


Wedding Guest Outfit

Thursday, June 9, 2016
Hi Everyone,

It's me again for another DIY! It was recently my friend's lovely wedding and I was so excited to see two of my favourite people tie the knot. Then I panicked- "What am I going to wear!?!".

I trawled the internet for the perfect outfit- and all the ones I liked I couldn't afford. So I thought I'd make my own! I did start to panic when choosing fabrics however, as I hadn't made any clothes for myself in a very long time.

I decided on a little cropped top, with a tulip button up back and little cap sleeves. Then for the bottom a layered tulle circle skirt.


T-shirt Dress to Cropped Top.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Hi Everyone.

I'm trying my hardest to get into dress making and clothing modifications. It's something I've always loved, but never get the time to do. So I've told myself that if I have a spare hour or two I have to do something... no matter how small.