DIY - Card Gift Tags

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Don't throw your Christmas Cards into the recycle bin immediately, use them to make all your Christmas Tags for next year! I've done this for 3 years now. Not only are they a great way of recycling, but they create totally unique tags for your wrapped presents next year.

All you need is:

I used my craft knives and ruler to cut out all the best bits of the design fronts. Then cut off the corners of some to create that traditional gift tag shape. Use a hole puncher to cut the hole for the string or ribbon.
You can use your knives to cut out specific shapes too. If there's one part of the design you really like just cut around it. The best thing is you can tailor the tags to the recipient. Cut out animal tags for animal lovers, bright designs for your zany relatives, or sparkly tags for your glamorous aunt.

After you've cut out all your tags, you can throw all the waste card into the recycle bin. Now you've double recycled! Have fun with it and good luck with the rest of your decoration packing. 

Happy Handmade!

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