Ice Lolly Hallon Dress

Wednesday, May 5, 2021
Hi Everyone, 

So I wanted to share my latest creation with you all. I finally finished my Hallon Dress. It's a beautiful pattern by Paradise Patterns. I saw a fabulous block colour dress on instagram a year or so ago of a beachy dress which I later found out was from Pitusa. I've always dreamed about creating a stripey, block 'ice lolly' dress and thought I could have a play with this pattern. 


Stash Busting - Use up your scraps

Saturday, April 10, 2021

 Hi Everyone, 

So I've been sharing a few recent makes on my Instagram lately which I made using fabrics in my stash. I'm trying to use up all the 'bits' of fabric I have. I don't want to keep buying more and more fabric if I'm not going to use it, so for the last year I've only bought fabric with a definite project in mind, rather than buying fabric as it's nice. 

(Side Note; I used to buy 'nice' fabrics a lot and then would never use them as they were 'too nice' to cut. Does anyone else do that?)

I think a lot of us can relate to this issue. But there's loads of ways to use up small amounts of fabric you might have left over.  And in the process become more aware of our buying habits. Which should lead to better shopping, a better wardrobe and more appreciation for your handmade items. 

So here is my run down on some great projects to lessen that stash: 


Yup, knickers. Such a great way of using up scraps of nice fabric. For jersey scraps I've used the Megan Nielsen Acacia Pattern loads. It's so easy to make as well. Plus they make cute gifts for girlfriends, nieces, daughters....

Then there's the Noelle knickers by Madalynne if you prefer a high-waisted lacey version. There are so many great (and free) knicker patterns online to try. Why not give it a go. 


My favourite way of using up small amounts of woven fabrics. And I have a full video tutorial on how to make them HERE. It's a project the girls in my After School Club love to do at the end of term as well. I taught them how to make patchwork versions using tiny amounts of fabric. It's a win win for your hair as well. And we all love a 90s vibe don't we?

Closet Core Pouffe

This was shown to me by a follower. And it's such a great idea. Making a super useful item for the home, plus you fill it with the scraps too! YAY! Head to the Closet Core website for the full tutorial. 


Tropical Blomma Tank Top

Tuesday, March 30, 2021
Hi Everyone, 

Thought I'd pop on here and share a new make with you all. I've been on a stash-busting mission lately, going through my fabric stash and actually finding useful and practical ways of using them up. (Another Blog post coming soon!)

One item I managed to squeeze out of some scrap cotton jersey was this Blomma Tank Top (Previously Pua Tank). The pattern is by Hawaii based Paradise Patterns and was a recent discovery of mine on instagram. Sanna's patterns are amazing and I've since bought her new dress pattern too. 

You can actually get this tank top pattern for free by signing up to her mailing list. Win win! And my bestie has already chosen fabric from my stash for me to make her one too. It's a great, quick, easy pattern to get stuck into. 
So here is my Blomma Tank, made from left over jersey. I'm pretty pleased with it actually. Let me know what you think. 


5 Etsy Faves | Spring 2021

Sunday, March 14, 2021

 Hi Everyone, 

So as I said in my Etsy Mother's Day Gift Guide, I wanted to start up my '5 Etsy Faves' posts again. I've been turning to Etsy for a lot of gifts recently and I think it's a fantastic platform for so many small and independent shops and brands to sell on. As part of my Campaign Shop Independent with the Holly & Co Team, I think it's important to highlight some brands you may not have heard of yet. Add them to your Etsy Favourites and then find them easily again and again. Please note this post does contain affiliate links, so I may earn a little commission if you use them. 

Right! Let's get to it!

1. Punch Needle Heart Wall Hanging

This leopard print punch needle piece was in my favourites after discovering Saphia in a Mollie Makes magazine. This piece called 'Gemma' instantly caught my eye and I knew I had to have her. This is her hung up on my spare room gallery wall. Saphia also makes gorgeous crochet jewellery, so definitely check her out.

Shop 'Gemma' Heart Wallhanging HERE*. 

2. Handmade Clay Earrings

I have a couple of Delicious Bits jewellery now and they're so beautifully made. Sarah is also very local to me so I've seen her at many a craft fair over the years. This pair of spotty earrings are to die for and will be a selfish purchase very soon. 

Shop Earrings HERE*.

3. Knot Hairband

If you follow me on Instagram, you will be very used to my knotted hairband obsession. The one hairband I wear a lot is my Anna Spurling Orange and Pink one. Anna's items are GORGEOUS and she always picks the perfect colours. This new summery range caught my eye and the 'Eleanor' is a definite favourite. I mean, come on, it's orange and pink!

Shop Hairband HERE*.

4. Ceramic Lady

I'm obsessed with these figurines. They make me smile so much. I bought one for my cousin's 30th and I really hope she loves it as much as me. What I loved is that each one can be personalised, so you can have so much fun ordering these as gifts for your girl friends. I just think they're fab!

Shop Lady Figurine HERE*.

5. Frill Collar Blouse

Well I've been searching for a blouse pattern for ages and when I saw this one by Isa - I knew I had to get it. It's next on my to-make list and I cannot wait for all the frills. A great pdf pattern with video instructions. Definitely a designer to watch!

Shop Blouse pdf pattern HERE*.

Well, there we have it. I hope I might have introduced you to some new Etsy gems. Let me know if you do get anything I recommended. Mostly my message is, try and look for an independent seller next time you need to buy something. You'd be surprised how many things you can find on Etsy. 

Happy Handmade!

*affiliate links.

Spring Wardrobe Inspiration

Thursday, March 11, 2021

 Hi Everyone!

I hope you're all well and if you're in the UK - Yay for our first week towards normality!! Some of you online have expressed to me how you're so uninspired at the moment and how you find yourself lacking when choosing fabrics and patterns. So, I've created some splashes of inspiration to get you thinking of Spring wardrobe make lists.

First up, the Shelby Dress by True Bias. It's a fantastic staple for your spring/summer wardrobe. And after creating the image above, I'm now planning one myself in the same fabric haha. The fabric is a viscose floral print, fantastic value for money and in two pretty spring shades. 

The Billie Sweater dress by Tilly and the Buttons. If you follow me on Instagram, you already know how much I rave about this dress and how easy it is to wear. It's the perfect transitional piece. It looks chic, whilst also being extremely comfortable. And as the weather warms up we can loose the tights! The fabric is a fleece back jersey, like sweat-shirting, but a little lighter. Team is with Navy ribbing for the perfect combination. 

The Marlo Cardigan by True Bias. This new pdf pattern is a great transitional piece, cropped and normal versions included and we have the perfect fabric for it. Our knitted jersey is super soft and snuggly. I thought a cropped version with big wooden buttons would look so good. Yet another piece I've added to my to-do list!

The Nora. Another great Tilly and the Buttons Pattern. I've told myself I am not allowed the make another Nora, but this combination is just the absolute dream! To make it worse, I used the same fabric but in Grey to make a festive Nora a couple years ago and it's just perfect. I can't tell you how fab the quality of this jersey is. It's a little on the weightier side, so great for sweaters and jumpers, rather than t-shirts as it holds it shape beautifully. 

The Rowan Tee by Megan Nielsen. 6 tops in one pattern and a great staple for all future makes. I thought that a 'V' neck version in our striped ribbed jersey would look great with a pair of jeans this spring. With three colour-ways to choose from and 3 neckline versions, you'll be sure to get some great staple tops with this combination. 

I hope I've sparked your imagination and got your creative juices flowing. Let me know if you do make any of the above. I would love to see! 

Happy Handmade!

Mother's Day Etsy Gift Guide

Hi Everyone, 

Remember when I used to do my 5 faves from Etsy, well I thought I should start that again. Especially as I've been buying so much from Etsy recently. First up though I thought a quick gift guide for last minute Mother's Day Gifts might be useful. Mother's Day is going to be a bit different for most of us this year, so lets treat our mum's to some beautiful items from independent brands and shops. Please note all links are affiliate so I may earn a little commission if you use them. 

You can see the Etsy Editors' Picks Mother's Day Gifts HERE*. But I thought I'd share some of my recommendations. 

1. A Celebration Calendar.

I love having one of these, and Mum always had one in the house since I can remember. This beautifully illustrated version is sure to look gorgeous in any room, plus never forget those birthdays and special occasions.  

Shop Calendar HERE*.

2. Cross-stitch Heart Decoration.

If, like me, you have a crafty mum how about a cute kit from Cotton Clara. She's got some gorgeous kits and it's the perfect thing for Mum to make on a Sunday afternoon with a cuppa. 

Shop Cross-stitch kit HERE*.

3. Personalised Heart Bookmark

She loves to read books? Well I think this adorable personalised book mark is the perfect little gift. I love the heart shape and the personalised touch makes it extra special. Order it in her favourite colour and it'll be used again and again. 

Shop Heart Bookmark HERE*.

4. Life Planner

If she loves to be organised and is also a sucker for some stunning stationary, this journal is perfect. Pink and Gold, with all the space you can possibly need. I love the extra details of goal plans and quotes throughout to put a pep in her step as she writes down her thoughts for the day. 

Shop Journal HERE*.

5. Useful Suede Pouch 

Cute colours - check! Personalisation - check! Super useful - check! What's not to love. Whether she uses it for make up, tissues, mint humbugs or money, I think this cute case will be used over and over again. 

Shop Suede Case HERE*.

6. Felt Flower Bouquet

Well as someone who has been gifted this exact item, I can tell you how special it is. If you missed your chance to get her a real bouquet, why not create one that will stay in bloom forever? Download this instant pdf pattern and get creating! 

Shop pdf pattern HERE*. 

7. Something Special.

If you're looking for something that sparkles, I think this necklace is beautiful. Personalise it with her name, nickname or 'Mum' and she'll treasure it forever. I love the detail in this and think it's a lovely modern take on the personalised necklace trend. 

Shop Necklace HERE*.

8. Mum & Mini Me Bags 

I can't tell you how much I love this idea. If you're looking for something fun to give her, I think this is just the cutest thing. And if you're buying on behalf of the little ones, I urge you to join in with this cuteness! 

Shop Personalised Bags HERE*. 

Well there we go. I hope I may have sparked some last minute ideas and maybe added some items to your Etsy favourites. Even if they arrive a little late I think she'll forgive you. She is your mum after all haha. 

Happy Handmade everyone!

*affiliate links.


Another Ogden...

Friday, March 5, 2021

 Hi Everyone, 

Yes, I know, I know I need to find another pattern which uses 1 metre of fabric haha. But I love the Ogden Cami pattern so much and thought I'd do another Hack. This time I added a little gathered skirt to the bottom of it and added some extra straps to create a different look at the back neckline. 

I did shorten the bodice by about 3 inches before adding the gathered skirt. I love the shape and volume it creates. It's definitely a great summer piece, even though I made this in February! I know I'll get a lot of wear out of it this summer. 

The hardest part was the extra straps. getting them at the right length was harder than I initially thought and I tried it on about 5 times before I was happy with how they would lie. Worth the effort though as I think the extra details make all the difference. 



Wednesday, February 24, 2021


Hey Everyone, 

I really don't want you to get sick of me talking about how much I love this dress, but I couldn't not share it here on the blog as well. You may have also already seen it in my last Sew & Tell Video on my Youtube Channel. Sorry about that. But it's just such a great pattern and it's the perfect make for all of us at the moment, spending more time at home, but still wanting to look stylish. 


Craft for Wellbeing

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

 Hi Everyone, 

I know we're all feeling it, so I wanted to pop on here and share a little inspiration (and discount) for you to help you get creative again. 

I've chatted to a few of you online and you're all feeling the same, less creative, less motivated and in need of a little distraction. Well, I may have the answer.

Crafting can do so much for your mental health and wellbeing. But when you're not feeling up to creating or thinking of your next project ideas, why not buy something where all you have to do is 'the making'. Craft kits are the perfect answer. You can switch off, unwind, concentrate on something and produce something pretty, without the stress of supplies, thinking of your design and stressing about when to start it. 

Here are a few of my favourite kits that we have for sale in the shop:

You'll need a Foam Block too (buy here) but apart from that this needle felting kit has everything to make a cute spring bee brooch. I cannot tell you how therapeutic it is to stab wool too haha. Just mind your fingers! 

I'm totally in love with these botanical embroidery kits. Bringing the outdoors in and creating a beautiful piece of textile art which you can proudly hang in the home. I also love these new Black Cotton versions, something a little different from the traditional kits. 


Spring is coming and we might be able to sew together again!

 Hi Everyone, 

I hope you're not all totally overwhelmed with the information from yesterday's announcements. I have to be honest and say I was glad they've been so strict about slowing us back into 'normal life'. But I wasn't expecting to not reopen until April. HOWEVER if all goes well a Spring reopening it will be. The birds will be singing, the sun will hopefully be shining and we can start to sew together again. Isn't that just a wonderful feeling?

My 1st Birthday Celebration Portrait.

It made me so happy this morning to see the sun shining when I woke up. I then got lost looking through old photos from the spring and summer of 2019. So I thought I'd share a few pictures here to spread the joy and get you excited for returning to the sewing school this spring/summer. It is my favourite time of year; longer days, summer dresses and evenings eating and drinking in the garden (Maybe even with friends WHAT?!?). 

Mum sewing in the sunshine. 

Mollie Makes Yoga Bag

Monday, February 1, 2021

Hi Everyone, 

I wanted to share with you another career highlight in my life. You may remember me being so excited about having a project in Mollie Makes magazine, well I got another one! 

Honestly, Mollie Makes has been in my crafty life since they first launched. I have every issue of the publication- can you believe!? It has always been a dream to be featured in the magazine, and to have had the opportunity to work with them is just so incredible. 

I made a yoga bag in Issue 126 and if you grab the issue, you can follow my tutorial to make your own! It was so much fun to make and I love the colours, very spring-like and fresh, which is just what we need right now. 
There are so many incredible projects in the issue and I have a long list of things I want to make now. And if you've never gotten your hands on this magazine, I urge you to get a copy. 

Sorry for the quick update but I just had to share! I hope you're all well and coping ok in lockdown (if you're reading from the UK that is). It's nice that it's February and we have a short month to get through until the joy of Spring starts creeping in (maybe even some sunshine!!). YAY! 

Happy Handmade!


Dots, Spots and eating lots!

Monday, January 4, 2021

Hi Everyone, 

Happy New Year to you all! Did you have a lovely break over Christmas? Did you get any time off? Whether you celebrated the holiday or not, I hope you got some brief relief from the joys of 2020. 

I thought I'd come on here and show you my Christmas Day outfit. It was exactly what I imagined and I'm so happy with it. And it's thanks to my Mother-in-law that I got to wear it. 

Ignore my cosy slippers, but what else would I wear on Christmas Day? I wanted a loose fit, comfy outfit and my adored Nora pattern came to mind. I think I have about 8 or 9 different Nora tops now. I drew out the pattern in my usual size, lengthening the bodice and added markers to where I wanted the 'side splits' to start. I opted for the elbow length sleeves, as I was worried anything more would drown me out with the length and style of fit.