Nuestro viaje Español!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015
Our Spanish Trip was a fast but fantastic getaway. We flew into Madrid for a couple days then took a train to Valencia for another 2 days, and finally took another train to Barcelona!

 Some beautiful street art cross stitch on an abandoned building in Valencia. They used thick coloured rope on the wire mesh covering the front of the building- stunning!

I have to say, Madrid was my least favourite out of the three, only because it was very westernised, and as we were staying in the city centres, it was hard to escape the amount of 'Burger King's and 'McDonald's. 

  Some of the amazing tiles decorating many buildings in the old city of Valencia. We actually went to the ceramic museum and saw some of the original techniques they used to hand paint and print them. The colours were amazing.

Valencia was a beautiful city and had so many old buildings and amazing architecture, I wish I had more photos, but we haven't had time to properly go through them all yet! One of the more modern buildings in Valencia is the Art and Science museum at the end of the old river. It consists of three HUGE structures! And each is totally unique.

Some of the mosiac tiles decorating sculptures around the Art and Science Museum.

Just one part of the modern Art and Science Museum in Valencia. 

One of the many colourful fruit stalls in Barcelona's food markets.

Next we traveled to Barcelona, and it has to be one of my favourite cities, and I wish we had longer there. The streets are so open and wide, there are loads of lovely old narrow streets to explore and find really unique shops and artists, and they have the Picasso museum! Which is a must see if you do go. Plus the food markets are to die for! The colours are amazing.

 The inside of the Picasso Museum (Google images) it was a mix of modern conversions amongst really old ruins - spectacular. 

In Barcelona we stayed in a lovely hotel in the centre of Catalunya (Called H10). I was totally obsessed with the decor and interiors in this hotel. It was a mix of old classic building with modern touches. So much dark wood and marble were mixed with modern lighting and light classic details. I took pictures of so many things- but didn't want to bore you with tons of pictures of lights!

Really love this deep mirror with the gold painted inside, simple but stylish! I have asked my other half to make me one! 

I will however share a couple of my favourite details. I love interiors and decorating, and can get bored easily of things. So I always take pictures of any details, colours or furniture I like to gain inspiration for my own home.

 Loved these bed side wall lights so much!

Silk wallpaper decorated every wall in the hotel, with dark wood and marble floors.

Well I hope you enjoyed looking at a few pictures- I'm sorry if there was too many, but I could have shared a lot more!! I had a lovely week away getting inspiration and creative juices flowing, but its back to sewing, designing and orders! 

Thanks for reading and if there's anything you'd like to know about travelling around Spain, or if you have been somewhere you think I'd like- do get in touch! 

Happy Handmade!

Sophia x