Sew Lingerie Book Review

Thursday, December 7, 2023

 Hi Everyone, 

How are you? I hope you're all well. It's been a while. I'm back on the blog to share with you something new and fun from the sewing world. A new book that you might want to get your mitts on. The iconic Maddie Kulig from Madalynne Intimates has released an incredible book for those of you who have always wanted to learn how to make lingerie. Let's have a look...

The book itself is well laid out, clear and modern in its style. It includes so much information, from different fabric types and where to use them, how to work out stretch composition, and even technical terms for different parts of a bra. It's honestly incredibly informative. I, myself, am not an expert in making lingerie, the only items I've ever made are jersey knickers (which I love making). Slippery silks and laces on such tiny pieces has always been a little scary to me, but already the tips in this book have been so useful and I already want to have a go at a few things. I just need to find the time haha. 


A letter to our amazing customers and students.

Saturday, July 8, 2023

Hi Everyone, 

So let me start off by saying this is both a happy and a sad post. But it’s still difficult to write nonetheless. Let me just dive right in and explain things. 

Since the second wave of Covid we saw a huge drop in numbers at the sewing school. I was hoping it was just a lull and things would recover. But they really haven’t, and with rising costs on just about everything from stock to energy, I’m afraid to say our numbers have been the worst in 5 years. 

Whilst this has all been going on, last year I had a baby. It’s been an incredible, wild ride and I’m learning to navigate motherhood and running a business. It’s because of this that I’ve really had to think about what’s best for me, my family and my business. And although this is the right decision for us, I’m sad to say I’ve taken the huge decision to close the sewing school premises. This is definitely not the end of Sew Jessalli though. 

As most of you know I’ve had a Youtube channel for years and I love writing online content. Because the sewing school took more and more of my time, I’ve neglected that side of things. So I’m excited to say I’m coming back. Not only am I back on YouTube again but I’m also slowly writing some online projects for you all. We will still be selling loads of amazing supplies, projects and templates on our online shop. So I’m really excited to see what you think when I launch that very soon.

I’d like to thank our amazing students and customers of all ages for being so incredible these past 5 years. I never dreamed that I could have started what we did and it would have been nothing with out you all. So many of you have become wonderful friendly faces that make Sew Jessalli Sewing School what it is and that’s one huge part I will miss. 

Next I’d like to thank my incredible team. Mum, Kay, Jacqui, Leise, Clare and Lizzie, thank you all for everything you’ve done over the years. Especially during my maternity leave that hasn’t really ended! You all supported me so much, worked so hard, kept everything going and I’m so proud of our team. You will always be a huge part of my life. Thank you so so much. 

The logistics:

Our last day of opening will be Saturday 29th July 2023. Clubs, classes and workshops will continue as usual until then. 

We will be having a 50% off all stock (apart from Sewing Machines) from Mon 10th July - Sat 29th July 2023. Or whilst stock lasts. 

Our furniture will be up for grabs at huge discounts, so if you love our cutting tables, chairs and sewing tables let us know if you want something reserved. All furniture will be able to leave the premises after Sat 29th July 2023. 

If you have a voucher with us that’s still valid, we would really appreciate it if you could come in and use that now on sale items, lessons or workshops before the end of July. 

Sewing Machines; we will still in contact with Janome and you will still be able to email us with any issues you may have with your machine. If your machine needs looking at we will arrange a collection with you.

We will also be selling our used school sewing machines at a huge discount. So pop in if those are of interest to you. 

So the physical premises is going, but Sew Jessalli will continue online, as a virtual sewing school and I’m excited to work on the next stage of the business. 

You can watch my video about it all on YouTube here:

Happy Handmade everyone!