Behind the Scenes - How I make my printed cards

Tuesday, January 17, 2017
Hello Everyone,

I wanted to do a little behind-the-scenes post today as it might be quite interesting for some of you. I have a printed card range and on the back it say 'from an original textile design' but what does that mean?

Many of you comment on how real the fabric looks, and always try and feel the layers, but there are none. I'm lucky to have an amazing local printer who makes sure my cards look as textured as they can be. 

My cards start off as a sketch in my book. I then go over my favourite parts with a fine liner which I then trace the design from. 

Once I've got my design I use the traces to cut out all the bits I want from fabric. They then all get arranged on my base fabric ready for me to sew. I usually plan out the arrangement first in my sketch book. But I always play around with it like this before sewing. 

Once I've used my free-machine embroidery on the whole design it's ready for scanning. I have a really good quality scanner and it's from this image I can crop the design ready for printing. I tend to not worry about frayed bits of fabric and thread in the scan as it's those tiny details that make it look like real fabric. 

When I'm happy with the finished design on my laptop, I send it over to my printer for the actual physical making of the cards! It's not a quick way of designing products but I love it. Designing new cards is one of my favourite things to do. Obviously not all finished designs make it. Sometimes I'll finish a design completely and then not like it - so in the cupboard it goes!

Keep your eye out for new occasion cards coming soon! In the meantime shop the current range HERE. 

Happy Handmade!

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