Stash Busting - Use up your scraps

Saturday, April 10, 2021

 Hi Everyone, 

So I've been sharing a few recent makes on my Instagram lately which I made using fabrics in my stash. I'm trying to use up all the 'bits' of fabric I have. I don't want to keep buying more and more fabric if I'm not going to use it, so for the last year I've only bought fabric with a definite project in mind, rather than buying fabric as it's nice. 

(Side Note; I used to buy 'nice' fabrics a lot and then would never use them as they were 'too nice' to cut. Does anyone else do that?)

I think a lot of us can relate to this issue. But there's loads of ways to use up small amounts of fabric you might have left over.  And in the process become more aware of our buying habits. Which should lead to better shopping, a better wardrobe and more appreciation for your handmade items. 

So here is my run down on some great projects to lessen that stash: 


Yup, knickers. Such a great way of using up scraps of nice fabric. For jersey scraps I've used the Megan Nielsen Acacia Pattern loads. It's so easy to make as well. Plus they make cute gifts for girlfriends, nieces, daughters....

Then there's the Noelle knickers by Madalynne if you prefer a high-waisted lacey version. There are so many great (and free) knicker patterns online to try. Why not give it a go. 


My favourite way of using up small amounts of woven fabrics. And I have a full video tutorial on how to make them HERE. It's a project the girls in my After School Club love to do at the end of term as well. I taught them how to make patchwork versions using tiny amounts of fabric. It's a win win for your hair as well. And we all love a 90s vibe don't we?

Closet Core Pouffe

This was shown to me by a follower. And it's such a great idea. Making a super useful item for the home, plus you fill it with the scraps too! YAY! Head to the Closet Core website for the full tutorial. 

Strappy Tops

There are two top patterns that use really small amounts of fabric. The first is the Ogden Cami which I've used many many items as I'm sure you're probably aware (see my latest version HERE). It's great for any woven fabrics you have and there are so many ways to hack and adapt the pattern. 

The second pattern is a recent discovery. It's the Blomma Tank by Paradise Patterns. I'm so in love with this pattern. It's so easy to make and uses very little stretch fabric. I made the top below from some old viscose jersey and even squeezed another out for my bestie. 

Baby Hats

Another great way of using up small amounts of jersey. To be honest baby leggings, baby bloomers and baby t-shirts are all under this category as they use up so little fabric. You can easily get a pair of leggings from 50cm of jersey. But baby hats are a winner for sure as they use so little fabric, so I normally squeeze a matching hat from leftover fabric after making items for a little one. 

I have a full video tutorial on how to make them HERE>. Plus you can buy my templates HERE>.

Felt Garlands

Got loads of felt scraps? I have the perfect project for you. I started making these Felt Garlands years ago and they've become one of my favourite quick projects. I've made so many for the shop over the years too. The only time consuming part is the cutting out, but the actual sewing is super fast, so have some fun with this one. 

I have a video on how to make them as well. Watch it HERE>.


Yes, I know it's very current. But I think we're all very used to wearing them now. And if you're like me, you need A LOT. One in every bag, the car, spares, and then more spares to circulate them whilst they're all in the wash. 

I wrote two tutorials for the Hobbycraft Ideas Hub. The pleated mask and the full face mask. They're quick, easy and don't use up much fabric at all. Use cotton fabrics for better breathability. 

I hope this post has inspired you to try a few different projects. Happy Handmade. 

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