Ice Lolly Hallon Dress

Wednesday, May 5, 2021
Hi Everyone, 

So I wanted to share my latest creation with you all. I finally finished my Hallon Dress. It's a beautiful pattern by Paradise Patterns. I saw a fabulous block colour dress on instagram a year or so ago of a beachy dress which I later found out was from Pitusa. I've always dreamed about creating a stripey, block 'ice lolly' dress and thought I could have a play with this pattern. 

I made mine from our plain cotton poplins. I wanted to experiment with an easy fabric which wouldn't cost too much. Basically a very fun wearable toile. If you love bias binding, you'll love this pattern. It's really satisfying to get some neat bias edging. But be warned, as you move and wear it, the bias does 'ruckle up'.  You'll see what I mean in some pictures around my arms. So If you are a perfectionist, choose a darker or patterned fabric so it's not so obvious. 

All I did to create this block look is to divide the front piece up into 3 sections, then traced them adding seam allowance to all the joining edges. I then copied the sections on the side seams of the back piece. Making them curve down to the centre back. I made no changes to the bottom tier, I just cut it in a different colour. 

Of course I had to wear it in our local rapeseed fields before all the flowers disappeared. I'm really happy with the results and definitely want to make another version. My next one will be blue I think. Patterned or plain, I still can't decide. And I thought a linen or Tencel twill would be lovely to wear. I hope I've inspired you to try this lovely indie pattern out.  

Happy Handmade. 

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