My Coco

Wednesday, August 3, 2016
As you may know I teach Free Machine Embroidery Workshops at Tilly and the Buttons HQ (BOOK HERE if you want to join me!). As I'm trying to get back into the dressmaking world, I thought I'd have a go at Tilly's amazing Coco pattern.

I've actually had this pattern since February!!! (I've been a little tied up with other things). I finally got round to buying my jersey and sewing it all together. I got it all done in a day and loved every minute. It's so easy and it's so comfy to wear.

I chose this charcoal grey and lime green combination. I sort of had autumn in mind, but now I've worn it- I need to make another brighter, summery one. Maybe with short sleeves?
The great thing about Tilly's patterns is that they are totally customisable to your shape and style. So I'm sure you'll see me in a few different styles soon!

I urge you to buy ALL of Tilly's patterns- I promise you'll love them. Plus she talks you through every step in detail on her blog if you get stuck too! She's amazing! Buy them HERE.

Hope you like what I made. Happy Handmade!

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