Seren Stripes

Monday, July 22, 2019
Hi Everyone,

Hope you're all well and enjoying the sunshine. I've been obsessed with my garden at the moment and love it so much I left the tap on in the flower beds all night the other night!!! WHOOPS!

Anyway I thought on Sunday it would be nice to take some friends to a Botanical Garden near us. It's called the Botanical Mill and they make their own perfume as well as supply big perfumeries in Paris. As well as scents and a gorgeous cafe, they also have huge garden you can walk around. So it was only fitting that I wore my freshly made Seren Dress for the occasion.

I made my Seren Dress in this gorgeous blue stripe cotton from The Craft Cotton Co. They sent it to me as a gift before we even opened the Sewing School and I've been saving it to make a Seren for that long! Sadly they no longer sell it but I'm sure you can find a similar fabric somewhere else. 

The only thing I would say about making this with a striped fabric is that there's a lot of pieces cut on a curve, so matching stripes is impossible. I tried my hardest on the angled pieces with straight edges, but the waistband in particular was a nightmare. I still love it though, but maybe a pinstripe would be better and less noticeable? 

I absolutely love this pattern, and so glad I went for the flounce. The only thing I realised is, when I had the dress on in the morning, It was fitting nicely across my bust, but was gaping at my upper chest. So I had to sew a little secret elastic band across the very top of the bodice. This pulled it in a little and stop the gaping. 

I've had so many lovely comments on this dress already and I have to say I'm very proud of it. It was so nice to do something for me and not have a deadline or stress making it. I'll be wearing this an awful lot this summer.

Hope you like it too. If you've never made the Seren Dress I highly recommend it. It's the perfect summer dress.

Happy Handmade!

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