Hobbycraft Christmas Press Show 2019

Sunday, July 21, 2019
Hi Everyone!

So I thought you'd enjoy seeing what I got up to at the Hobbycraft Christmas Press Show a couple weeks ago. So I've put together a few of my fave photos to share. I'm also doing a 'Goodie Bag Haul' over on my YouTube channel, which you can watch HERE.


The purpose of the press show was to show off all the new, exciting products that will be launched soon for Christmas. Plus inspiration of how to use Hobbycraft products and project hacks. It was so much fun and loved seeing so many different ideas.

Viktorija Illustration was there doing the most beautiful portraits and she even drew me!! I've never had something like this before, so it was such a treat. And I love my Viktorija version of me! 

My lovely friend Emily was hosting some Macrame Workshops and this is where I got totally addicted to the craft. We were actually having a Macrame workshop in the studio two days after, so poor Emily had to do so much Macrame in a few days! I loved it though and have found another craft I really enjoy doing, and the results are so fast! 

There are so many things I want to make for Christmas now, I just hope I have the time. It was so lovely to see a few different ideas for crafts for Mum & Baby Club and ideas I can share with my customers. Hobbycraft have such a huge range of products, there was definitely something for every festive style.

I really hope you enjoyed seeing some behind the scenes photos. Even though it was a manic busy day and I missed my train, I loved it and was so happy I went. Thank you again to the Hobbycraft Team, you all worked so hard and it all looked beautiful and I felt so welcome.

Happy Handmade!

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