Things I want to make in 2018!

Saturday, January 6, 2018
Hi Everyone,

Hope you're recovering from the copious amounts of food you've all been consuming. I still seem to be in a food coma at the moment. And having boxes of chocolates around me doesn't help!

I wanted to do a sort of review post, reflecting on last years list of things I wanted to make and seeing if I achieved them. Things I have actually ticked off my list this year are:

  • Finishing my Cleo Pinafores and making a few more!
  • My Rosa Shirt Dress
  • Baby items - I've made so many!
  • More tops, I've made quite a few t-shirts and sweaters this year. 

Things I STILL haven't made from that list:

  • Yoga Leggings. I think I have too many, so didn't think to make any more.
  • A sweater or hoody for my other half. I wanted his input and he didn't think he needed any at the time, so we never finalised any design ideas. 
  • A bra. I never got round to making daintier items for myself. I'm actually a little disappointed I didn't make it a priority. But I'll re-add this to next years list. 

I've been thinking long and hard about things I want to achieve in 2018. It's hard for me now as I think I have grown, and my confidence in dressmaking is at an all time high. There might not be a lot of specific patterns I want to achieve at the moment. But there are a few ideas I have in mind. 

  • Jumpsuits. I really love the stylishness of them even though you're wearing an adult baby grow! Comfort plus style is always a win!
  • Casual Peg Trousers for summer. Maybe a pale pink colour with a tie bow front. 
  • Dungarees. I've heard on the grapevine my faves at Tilly and the Buttons are bringing out a dungaree pattern soon. But in the meantime I think I'll make some spring ready linen overalls. Maybe a hack on the Kwik Sew 3897.
  • That Bra. Not sure which one I'll make first. I think I'll start with something free like the Noelle Bra top by Madalynne
  • Wendy Ward has a new book out called 'A beginners guide to sewing with knitted fabrics'. Although I'm quite confident in using stretch fabrics, I was lucky enough to be sent one of the first copies. And there are a couple of patterns in there I just HAVE to make. 
  • Finally I'd like to make something really technical and out of my comfort zone. Haven't worked out what that is yet. But I would like a challenge to work towards. 

Photo Credit : Madalynne

So there we go, my 2018 to do list. Not too much to tick off - for now! Let me know what patterns you're hoping to make in 2018. And if you have any recommendations of patterns you think I'd like - comment below!
Happy Handmade!

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