Sapporo Coat Take 2

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Hi Everyone, 

So an impromptu photo shoot happened today. I've been whining to my other half about getting a tree for the past week. As soon as the 1st December comes around, I'm fully Christmas committed. And my favourite place to go is a local caravan park which has it's own private forest. Their trees are always so perfect and it's sort of a new tradition in our house. 

[Rob's Christmas Trees at The Inside Park, Down House Estate - Blandford] 

It just so happens that I was wearing my newest Sapporo Coat so we used the beautiful private track as a backdrop. 
For those of you that don't know, I've done a full 'Sewalong' of this coat on my Youtube Channel. The fabric and lining was from my faves at Minerva Crafts. I didn't change anything since last time, apart from increasing the seam allowance slightly, only by 5mm, just to bring the size in by a fraction! But I explain all that in the videos if you're interested. 

The combination of soft, chic washable wool coating and a monochrome lining, makes this a great coat to wear on any occasion. Obviously you know I love this pattern (Papercut Patterns if you didn't know) but I am truly obsessed with the shape and the way it looks on me. 

I can dress this coat up or down. Perfect for tree shopping, or throwing over a party dress. No one can say anything about it looking like a dressing gown either! Haha. I know I'm going to be wearing this coat so so much over the winter.

What do you think? Better than the last one? Comment below if you have any questions. 

Happy Handmade!


  1. Gorgeous! I also love the lining...very chic :)

  2. hi planning to make this with your sew along video. Think I got a similar wool fabric which is washable, this was a very good idea, thank you. Quick question, did your pre wash yours? I'm so impatient I just want to make it.

    1. I'm sorry this is so late, my blog never tells me if I have comments. But yes I would alway wash my fabric before making anything (although sometimes I don't and get too excited!) x

  3. I love your sew a long for this coat it turned out beautiful.

  4. Thank you so much for the sewalong; it's so helpful. Best. Hafida

  5. Just finished my coat using your sew along, I'm so thankful to you for sharing the process, I'd have been lost without your video. Thank you!!

  6. Thanks for this! I am watching the Youtube sew along videos as I make mine. I'm so late to the party, but I'm super excited to get this thing made! Happy sewing!