My Cocoon Dress

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Hi Everyone!

So here is (finally) my pink linen blend Cocoon Dress. It's been an item on my to-do list since AUGUST!!! But I've finally made it.

I actually filmed myself making it on my Youtube Channel, which you can watch HERE. It wasn't difficult and I'll definitely be making another. I'm thinking the next one will be in a thicker, darker fabric for the winter, and I'll add the sleeves next time too. 

So the fabric I used is a rose pink linen blend cotton which I bought from Dragonfly Fabrics, which you can buy HERE. The pattern is called the Cocoon Dress, which I actually got free with Sew Now magazine a while back but you can still buy it through the Simple Sew website. 

I love the fit of this dress, it's so comfy and casual. But I also think it looks quite elegant - good ole' Japanese styles!! So what do you think? A winner? I think so. 

Happy Handmade!


  1. Beautiful! Just subscribed to your YouTube channel! I’m a beginner sewer so really enjoyed watching you make this dress. It didn’t look too hard for me. I might try sewing it.

    1. Hi Anna, so sorry for late reply!! It's not a tricky make at all so I hope you had a go! Thanks for subscribing and coming here too! x

  2. It looks great on you...elegant make