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Friday, September 22, 2017

Hi Everyone, 

Welcome back, apologies for the absent posts. It's been crazy busy in the studio with orders and attending and teaching at The Handmade Fair. But I'm back, recovered and ready for some amazing Autumn/Winter projects. 

 So you may have seen me talking about this Marble Lake Pink Velour in my August Fabric Stash Video. I'm not a huge fan of Velour or Velvet; I struggle with the feel and texture of it. But when Marble Lake sent me this Dusky Pink Velour I was surprised by how soft and, in my world, how 'un-friction-y' it was.

They sent me the Burda 6660 pattern to make the jacket from. And I tell you what adding your own seam allowance is an almighty pain in the a**. I much prefer Indie patterns, but if you can get to grips with cross referencing the pictures with the text (and triple checking them) it's fairly straightforward. 

Add the perfect zip and ribbing and you have a really cool jacket for Autumn. You can get everything you need for this Jacket on the MyFabrics Website HERE.

Since I made this, I've worn it a few times to really see if I like it. It's comfortable, it's soft and more importantly it's so easy to wear. Team it with leggings or jeans for a cosy casual autumn look. Since making it a lot of friends and family said how cool it was. And I'm guessing I'm going to be forced to make more very soon! 

The verdict; I love it, and I don't totally hate Velour anymore! 

I hope you like the jacket, and you're inspired to make your own. Don't forget to visit the MyFabrics site to get your supplies. Make sure you check out the other Marble Lake looks for fashion inspiration this season.

Happy Handmade!

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