My New Machine

Monday, June 12, 2017
Hi Everyone,

Wanted to share with you an exciting change in the studio this month. I have a new worker - a Janome DKS30!

Since working with Janome I've been falling more and more in love with their machines. In Tilly's (and the Buttons) studio we use the DKS100 machines and both these models are so great to work with. After playing on the DKS30's in my workshops at the Handmade Fair, I knew I had to have one. (Plus on a cosmetic note - it's PINK!)

I should note that Janome are not paying me for this blog post, I just thought it was useful information if you're looking for a machine or an upgrade on your current one.

It's so much fun to use and really quiet too. I haven't got round to using every stitch setting yet, but I've also been playing with the Janome Quilting kit, which contains an extended table and extra feet. One foot accessory I've already fallen for is the 'walking foot'- believe me it's amazing!

The accessories included with the additional Quilting Kit. 

There are so many models of machine out there and I totally understand why sometimes it can be overwhelming. Here are some tips I've learnt that might help you decide: 

1. Think about what you actually want to use your machine for. Is it just small projects? Or is it difficult dress making where you need certain accessories and stitches?

2. Stitches - do you need 300 extra decorative stitches? Will you use them? If the answers no, only look for machines that have stitch settings you'll actually use. But have in the back of your mind when you progress you might need more, think about future sewing goals. 

3. Accessories - What accessories does it come with and are there things you definitely need? Make a list of them and see how much they are in addition, or whether it's better value to buy a machine with it all included. 

4. Are there any perks you love the sound of. A machine that doesn't need a pedal? Or one that has an automatic cutter or needle threader. WARNING- once you have them, you can't live without them!

5. Lastly something I've learnt the hard way - servicing and spare parts. Janome machines are popular, spare parts aren't ridiculously expensive and most servicing companies can fix them in a jiffy if something goes wrong. My old machine needed parts sent from abroad and most servicing took 3 weeks or more on average! It's something worth investigating. Just ask around at servicing firms and shops, they're very helpful. 

I hope you find this post useful and if you have any further questions please don't hesitate to comment below. 
I'm off to carry on playing, I'm like a kid again honestly! Good luck finding your dream machine.

Happy Handmade!


  1. I really want this machine! Would you say it was capable of most elements of dressmaking?

    1. Definitely! It's got everything! Even 3 buttonhole settings! :)