Sew Busy and Christmas Thoughts!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012
Hello Everyone!

Well the workshop has been pretty busy at the moment. I'm trying to adjust to churning out more products in a shorter amount of time! Its hard to do but I'm getting better. I can't wait until September as my lovely mummy is coming in for a FULL day every week!!! It will be so nice to have the extra help and someone to talk to!

Personalised items like gym bags, swim bags and bunting are flying out at the moment.  There seems to be a huge baby boom, so it's new little customers coming in who I like the best!

I've been making loads of different card lately to. Not only for my local stockists but for customers too with their names on! :) I love machine embroidery! I can't stop! So watch this space as I'm coming up with new designs! 

Christmas production is starting too! It's sounds awful but I have to start soon or I won't be able to fulfill orders nearer that christmassy time!! 

Well Thank you to all of you who keep on supporting me, keep on ordering and keep on popping to the workshop! Everyday it makes me grateful that I'm doing what I'm doing!

Happy Handmade!

love Sophia x

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