The Summer of......Rain?

Thursday, July 12, 2012
Hello Everyone.

Well as you know I've been away on holiday the last two weeks of June, and now I'm back I've been catching up on orders and things which  has made me slightly delayed in my everyday schedule. 
Not only that but we've had flooding here in Dorset and I turned 21 this week!

Button jars from my Mum and Dad. All colour coded too! 

Lovely cupcakes my sister made for me! 

I've got loads of orders at the moment so I've been working late and then doing deliveries then going back to the shop again, so I hope not too many of you have popped to the shop when I'm not there! Sorry if you have! But I'm happy with the way the business is growing and each day I still think about my first day- my leap of faith and now look at it all! Thank you to everyone who has supported me! 

A cushion for Imogen! 

Here is some lovely bright Flip-flop bunting. Designed by my sister when I asked her to think of something summery to brighten up this miserable summer. 

Thanks to all of you who read this! I apologise for not being the best blogger but hopefully you'll stick with it! :)

Happy Handmade! love Sophia x

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