Spring is coming and we might be able to sew together again!

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

 Hi Everyone, 

I hope you're not all totally overwhelmed with the information from yesterday's announcements. I have to be honest and say I was glad they've been so strict about slowing us back into 'normal life'. But I wasn't expecting to not reopen until April. HOWEVER if all goes well a Spring reopening it will be. The birds will be singing, the sun will hopefully be shining and we can start to sew together again. Isn't that just a wonderful feeling?

My 1st Birthday Celebration Portrait.

It made me so happy this morning to see the sun shining when I woke up. I then got lost looking through old photos from the spring and summer of 2019. So I thought I'd share a few pictures here to spread the joy and get you excited for returning to the sewing school this spring/summer. It is my favourite time of year; longer days, summer dresses and evenings eating and drinking in the garden (Maybe even with friends WHAT?!?). 

Mum sewing in the sunshine. 
Macrame Workshop. 

I cannot wait to welcome you all back to the sewing school. I miss our weekly sew sessions so much. Chatting, sewing and sharing ideas. I have so many wonderful memories laughing and joking on our busy Wednesday evenings. I miss the after school club kids too, their talent and creativity is endless. Plus I have loads of fun projects planned for when they're back. 

I also can't wait to welcome new students and customers through the door again. We've had so many more inquiries about classes as people are taking up new hobbies during lockdown. It's so great to see so many more people get creative and catch the sewing bug. And isn't it great to know our creative community is expanding and thriving.

After School Club Scrunchie Power!

Summer Sew Sessions.

Summer Sew Sessions. 

I really do hope you're all feeling a little more positive about everything. At least we all have something to work towards. Let's just all play our part so that these plans can come to fruition. 

Keep safe, Keep Well, Keep Sewing. Happy Handmade everyone. 

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