A sad but Important Update from the Studio.

Friday, March 20, 2020
Hi Everyone, 

This is going to be a hard blog post to write. I’ve been thinking long and hard and at the moment I think it’s safer for everyone for us to shut our doors to the public from Friday 27th March 2020.

We don’t know how long we’ll have to be closed at the moment, but I will post more on here and all social media channels and our website to keep you updated. I’m hoping we can start coming in again within 6 weeks. But this isn’t guaranteed due to the changing circumstances. 

I feel it’s our responsibility at this moment to limit social contact and not encourage group social aspects of crafting, which lets be honest, was the whole reason I opened Sewing School in the first place! We are taking steps and measures to help our customers as best we can. I will be offering live online socials during normal sewing club times to keep us connected and our spirits up whilst we sew alone at home. I am also working on some online workshops for you to attend on our website, plus free workshops for everyone to do some quick crafts. 

Those of you who have booked a workshop, I would have already called you or emailed you about your options. I ask that you bear with us and do support us if you can. 

Our fabrics will be available for purchasing online. And I’m in the process of adding other craft kits and patterns that we can send to you also. We will be in the studio from time to time packaging your orders and working on commissions, so orders will be dealt with as quickly as possible. But they may be delayed with changes and high demand on the postal services.

I know this is a long shot but, Janome machines are also still available to buy and we can have them sent directly to you. See the latest spring offers HERE. Call or email us if you might be interested in any of the latest offers. 

If you attend our daily clubs, like Knit & Natter or Mum & Baby, I’m afraid you’ll have to miss out for a while until we can start back up again. After School Club is finishing just 1 week earlier than the usual end of term so I’ll make sure to give students work they can complete and home. I’m also hoping to upload some free workshops online, so if they want to do any hand sewing or machine sewing from home, they can. 
Normally we’d be taking bookings for After School Club Summer Term, but we won’t be starting this again until September due to the fact the schools will also remain closed until then (we think!). Nearer the time you’ll see posts on social media for links to book for this again for the Autumn term. 

I will be listing spaces for our normal Autumn workshops soon which you can always book onto. And gift vouchers can also be purchased where we'll put an extra 6 months on the expiry, so they'll last for a year! Anything you can do to help us would be much appreciated. 

I'm praying we get through these next few months, though I know the summer is our quietest time. But with your help and support, I'll fight to the death to keep my Sewing School going. 

I hope you and your families are well and safe. Please be sensible and try and isolate yourselves from others. We're all doing this together and for the whole country. Lets keep in touch and hopefully when this is all over, we can celebrate in style with all our handmade outfits we made during quarantine. 

Virtual hugs and well wishes to you all. Thanks for sticking by me. 

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  1. Keep safe everyone. Cannot wait for you to reopen Sophia until then we will all meet in the virtual workd