Frankie and Freya

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Hi Everyone!

So I wanted to share with you some new makes. I recently got Tilly Walnes' new book; Stretch! and let me tell you it's amazing. We all know how much I raved about Wendy Ward's Knitted Fabrics book recently, and now I'll add 'Stretch!' to the 'best books ever' mix. 

So as I was so excited about all the patterns, I made three tops. The first two being the Frankie Baseball Tee. Now, the first one I made in the size smaller as I thought a raglan sleeve fitted top would be nice. It's ok, but the second one I made in the size it recommends is so much better. So don't make that mistake!

The first one I made in this gorgeous Mint Stripe Jersey from Minerva Crafts. And I'm pretty sure I have enough fabric left to make another t-shirt. It's wonderfully soft and the perfect spring/summer colours. The second Frankie I made in a Grid textured Mint Jersey and a Textured White Jersey (which I can't find now) both from Minerva Crafts. The grid textured jersey is a little heavier, but it keeps it's shape well, and I have plenty to make more tops from it. 

On the striped jersey I worked really hard on my pattern matching and this is my super happy excited celebratory pose as I'm pretty proud of how it turned out. 

The second top I made from the book was the Freya. And I think I'll be making these for eternity. I love it so much. I made it in this GORGEOUS Pink Leaf Print Jersey which I blame 'jadejuney' for, as I saw her on Instagram using it for a Joni Dress from the book. So I bought a lot of it before it sold out!

You may think it's a bit much but I'm so happy wearing it. This fabric was made from my dreams and even though it's a crazy print, I feel so great wearing this. The top fits beautifully and I love the little turtle neck. I think a 3/4 sleeve version will be next on my list. And I can imagine wearing some cute plain dresses over the top of it. 

If you haven't got Tilly's book yet, GET IT HERE! You won't regret it. So what do you think? Hope you like my first few makes from the book, now I'm off to buy more fabric for my next makes. 

Happy Handmade!

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