Kwik Sew K3897 Dungaree Hack

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Hi Everyone, 

So today I'm sharing my new Dungarees. It's the Kwik Sew K3897 but with a twist. I was inspired by popular dungarees on the internet to change the pattern to a more casual look. The pattern anyway is loose fitting, but I wanted it to be baggy and fun to wear. 

Barefoot dreams in these Dungarees. I honestly LOVE them! The fabric is from and I've used this beautiful Teal colour for mine. It's something I wouldn't usually pick, but I really like it, and can be worn really easily with loads of other colours. 

The quality of the linen is also great. I rave about it on my Youtube Channel. It's such a good weight. It's light to wear, comfy and not see-through so no pants on show!! 

So basically if you have the Kwik Sew pattern, I cut out the straps double the length, then I got rid of the button tabs in the sides of the trouser pieces. I did cut out one size too big for the fit I wanted, and it also meant I had plenty of room in the hips for pulling on and off (so I didn't need those side button tabs).

As far as the instructions go, you sew it pretty much the same. Remembering to ignore the button tab parts. The front bib you need to sew leaving a 15mm seam allowance on the outside edges of the trousers. This means that you can attach these to the back trouser sides easily. Then I just topstitched the seam allowance to one side to keep it looking neat. 

Then you just make a couple of button holes in the bib for threading your long straps through. It's as simple as that! (Or does that not sound simple at all?). I did roll the leg cuffs up and secure them in the sides as I wanted loose turn up looking trousers. 

Luckily they're approved by Luna too. 

Happy Handmade!

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