Marigold/Bettine Hack

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Hi Everyone, 

So for my latest make for the Minerva Crafts Blogger Network I combined two of my fave Tilly and the Buttons patterns. The Marigold jumpsuit with the top half of the Bettine dress. 

I made it in a super soft, denim blue, ponte roma fabric (from Minerva Crafts). I have truly made secret pyjamas. It's the best jumpsuit I've ever made haha. It's just incredibly comfortable to wear. 
I did take these photos on the windiest and coldest day in Dorset, so I look a bit disheveled. However I was still comfy!!

I added a zip to the bodice so I can get it on and off, but apart from that I didn't have to make any huge changes. You can read the full post about it all on the blogger network HERE

So what do you think? Combining your favourite patterns is so much fun. I urge you to have a go! I don't think I'll be taking this outfit off for a while haha. 

Happy Handmade!

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