Pineapple Top | Statement Sleeves

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Hi Everyone! I'm back!

After 3 amazing weeks touring Europe, I'm back in the studio and ready for some exciting projects. I think you can see that this one is already a corker! What more could you want from a summer top than bright colours and a pineapple print?

This pattern is the McCall's M7542. It's a Summer top with 4 options of statement sleeves. It's actually the freebie in the latest issue of Sew Now Magazine (where yours truly is the back page blogger WOOP!), or you can get yours HERE

The pattern itself is pretty straightforward. The sleeves obviously take a bit of care and my first attempt just wasn't neat enough, so I did re-do the pleats. I think they turned out extremely well on my second go though!

This Pineapple Fabric is just the best. It's a lovely soft cotton poplin and I'm totally in love with it! MyFabrics is the best for funky print fabrics- I seem to always end up buying loads from them. Plus use the code Jessallihandmade for £10 off when you spend £50. Offer ends 30th August 2017.

I'm so happy with this top and I think you'll agree it's a great summer top to wear. I'm slightly annoyed I didn't get it finished in time for my actual holiday, as the lightness of this fabric would have been a cool relief in the heat!

I'm really keen for you all to try this pattern, and having a play with the sleeve options. Plus make sure you have a bit of fun with a bold, bright print! It's summer after all!

Happy Handmade!


  1. hello
    can you tell me pattern number for pineapple top. I would like to try the pattern

    1. Hi Karen, I have written it in the post, it's the McCall's M7542.