Things that make me HAPPY

Friday, March 24, 2017
Hi Everyone!

Just thought on this gloomy Friday I'd share some things that make me happy - so even if you're having a bad day you're reminded of the little things that make you smile!

1. Sharp Scissors (yes I'm weird but it's so satisfying!)
2. Roast dinners with my family. We're crazy when we're all together.
3. Postcards from Friends
4. Laughter, whether I know who they are or not, hearing it makes me smile.
5. A Cup of Tea. At any time of day, it makes me slow down.
6. Cosy knitted jumpers, especially when they're made by my Mum.
7. My friends sitting on my sofa. It's so comfy and I love it when we're all bundled together with blankets.
8. Little trips away in our van, no TV, minimal signal and canned soup.
9. Wrapping presents for peoples birthdays.
10. Fresh Sheets

What little things or moments make you happy?

Happy Friday all! Keep Smiling.

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