Stress level 100

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Hi Everyone,

I'm sat in bed thinking about all the things I have to do next week. And I'm nearly at maximum stress just listing things.
For those of you who don't know, my other half and I have been in 'house limbo' since we sold our house in July. We finally get the keys to our new house tomorrow! I'm so incredibly excited, but as you can imagine running a handmade business at this time of year at the same time as moving house is a bit of a mission.

Don't worry, I'm not saying there'll be any delays with your orders, I'm still happy to stay up late stitching, I just wanted to let you know I may be less active online in the next week or two. We still have a room at Mother No.2's house until we need to move in properly, so all next week we'll be slowly moving things across.

I can't wait to set up my new studio and show you all around it. I'm thinking a Youtube video might be in order. Not sure how nice it will look before Christmas but we'll see.

Anyway I think a good nights sleep wouldn't go amiss. So nighty night!

Happy Handmade!

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