Our Little English Holiday... Part Four

Monday, October 21, 2013

 I know this is so so old now! But I realised I didn't finish sharing photographs of our holiday! And I absolutely love the next few photos so I had to put them up!

We went to this cafe in Minehead which is a very touristy seaside town. It's not our favourite place to go but it has all the shops we like! PLUS this newly discovered place to eat!! It's called the creamery and they sell brilliant value for money tasty food!!

The inside it all vintage and 1950's style, every table is different. Every counter is different. Brilliant posters on the walls! It was my kind of heaven!

And they sold these milkshakes!! Proper milkshakes with ice-cream! The best treat on holiday!

Another favourite place to visit and eat is Periwinkle Tearooms in the National Trust village of Selworthy Green.  Full of 'clotted cream' cottages and cute rose gardens its a beautiful place to visit!

The tearooms are really traditional, with low slung beamed ceilings inside and  cute tables in the garden surrounded by pretty flower beds and potted plants!

Lastly Locke's Tearooms in Dunster is also a favourite of ours, except this year it was the favourite of wasps too! We only ate there once though as we thought we'd get attacked by all the buzzing blighters!

They do the best Cheese on Toast, Savoury and Sweet Scones and Rocky Road-if you have a sweet tooth!

They also do really light and frothy milkshakes- of course strawberry is my favourite, I am a sucker for any pink foods! :D

Right well there we go! I have now shared all my holidays treats with you all! I'm sorry it's taken a while! Normal blogging will now resume!

Happy Handmade!

Sophia x

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