Our Little English Holiday... Part Two

Thursday, September 5, 2013
I love buildings- especially cute old cottages and houses. I took so many photos of beautiful homes I saw around Somerset and Devon. Here are just a few of my favourites!

I love the way a simple splash of colour can make such a huge difference to a house. These cottages just had window surrounds or doors painted in bright colours- but the effect is huge!

As you might have guessed this pink cottage was my favourite! The thing I love most about all these homes, is their owners care about them. Making a conscious effort to pretty the outside, put lovely plants outside and keep it all looking lovely. It's so nice to see well loved homes!

 I want this front door so much!!!

All of these buildings were in the gorgeous town of Dunster! It's probably my favourite town in Somerset! Although they say it's a village!! With a beautiful Castle, lovely shops and cafes and amazing houses you couldn't ask for anything else in a village really!

This picture below was taken inside an Antiques House in Minehead. I love old furniture so I dragged my family in there to have a look! And on the top floor was this amazing display of vintage lights! It was such an amazing place and I couldn't leave without taking a picture!

Well I hope you enjoyed looking at some pretty pictures of houses! I will hopefully get to writing more this weekend! Have a lovely day everyone!

Love Sophia x

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