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Saturday, January 5, 2013
2012 really was a big deal for me. I opened the shop in December 2011 and when January came about it was full steam ahead!

Opening the shop has been the most amazing experience of my life. I don't really think my friends and family quite knew why I wanted to take such a big leap! If I'm honest, although it is cheesy, it just felt right. As the orders were piling up at home, and I was really struggling with juggling a full time job as well, it was the next step in making my dreams come true.

The empty shop Dec 2011

 The first day I walked into that empty shop was incredible, the excitement I had was through the roof. A lot of people asked me whether I was scared of it not working out, but I really wasn't, for me if it doesn't work out, at least I tried- which is why I just work harder and harder! The support I got when I opened was out of this world. I never imagined it would take off that quickly, but it did! I now have an amazing group of supporters and regular customers, aswell as a lovely online following! Without all of you-2012 wouldn't have been as successful as it has!

Mum, Dad and I at our open evening Dec 2011. 

My friends and family have been amazing this year. My mum now comes in every Wednesday to help out (and chat of course), My sister helps me on a Saturday, my dad helps with all the boring business stuff and paperwork and my boyfriend helps with all my marketing, advertising and computer stuff! Thank you Mum, Dad, Hugh and Bea for just being the perfect people! 

Looking through all the photos I've taken in 2012, I've noticed that my work has got better and better. I think (and hope) that I'm getting more creative and more comfortable with my own style and what I think will go well. It is hard being in the crafting world as so many people do it, and you really can't help some people copying your ideas, so I really do try to change my products constantly, and I hope I keep it up throughout 2013 too!

 The shop Spring 2012

One of my favourite pieces I made this winter (2012)

I did struggle with the amount of fairs I did this year, as I wasn't quite prepared for the amount of orders I'd get when I booked them! Especially at Christmas! But I do love to do fairs, meeting new people and other small business' is a huge perk of the job! Its a lot of fun! But I'm afraid I won't be doing too many fairs in 2013!
Christmas 2012 was a huge highlight. Being in the 'gifting' industry Christmas is your important time, and if you're not busy it's generally a bit of a scary moment. With this in mind I was a bit nervous about how things would go, but I never ever expected the amount of work I got! It was hard at points, work did seem to follow me home most nights, but it was worth it! I am glad I did a last order date, though because of my niceness (which I really cannot shift) I did let a few in afterwards-well, ok, a few too many! But who am I do deny someone a beautiful handmade gift?!

 Christmas Fair, The Exchange Nov 2012

Other good memories and achievements in 2012 were moving out of the family nest, turning 21 and having the most amazing two weeks traveling around Italy!

2012 has definitely been a year to remember and I am very excited for the improvements, changes and challenges that lie ahead!
Thank you all for everything! I cannot express that enough! Happy New Year and Happy Handmade to you all!

love Sophia x

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