Easter Breaks and April Showers!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012
Hello Everyone!

Sorry I'm a bit behind on the blog but its been crazy busy! Thank you to all my new likers on Facebook and thanks to those of you who have ordered with me lately! Your continued support is much appreciated! I wouldn't be doing this without you!

The shop looking nice and full!

Some gorgeous bunting for a customer!

I've had such a busy time outside of the workshop, there has been a huge amount of birthdays in the last couple weeks! Including my mummy's! We organised a lovely surprise tea party for her! It was lovely! And we were so lucky with the weather!

Mums birthday Tea party!

I'm still creating different British themed products for the Jubilee and Olympics this year! My latest creation was Applique silhouette cushions. Available in 16 and 18" squares and with a Bus, Taxi or soldier on.

My London Bus Cushion.

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter! I now have a kitchen full of chocolate thanks to family and friends which might not be terribly beneficial to me but I'll get through it! The shop was busy leading up to the long weekend so I enjoyed a break and spent time with the family.

The Easter Display in the shop!

We spent time in Weymouth which was lovely but the wind and the rain didn't stop us from braving the beach and collecting beautiful shells! The pebbles were only 50% of the beach there was that many! I think we found some pretty ones though!

Our weekend in Windy Weymouth!

Well Im glad I've caught up online but I must get back to the sewing machine!

Happy Handmade Everyone!

Sophia x

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