My first week....

Saturday, December 10, 2011
Well first week in the shop... that went quickly! Can't believe it's been a whole week since  I was preparing the shop for the opening evening.

I've gathered a few new supportive customers and my online sales have picked up (must be christmas soon?) so I've appreciated having a bit more space to work and make a mess of!

I definitely feel like I've properly settled in now and most nights I don't even remember it time to go home! I've been busy trying to keep stock levels up and fulfilling your orders.

Thought I'd share a couple things that I made this week. The 'fun' cushion was a lovely addition to my cushion trunk- it gave the shop a splash of bright colour on a dull day. And the Noteboard below was made from some fabric I picked up the other day and instantly loved it! Good old America came to mind hence the blue button addition!

And last night my sister came with me to Stalbridge Late Night Shopping. We brought a few Jessalli wares to advertise our new shop too! It was cold to say the least so thanks sis for bracing the frostiness with me! Was lovely to meet some new locals too!

Well week one was successful I think so fingers crossed it'll stay this good!

Sophia x

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