New Noteboards!

Monday, June 28, 2010
Well those who know us will have seen our fabulous 'Noteboards' and many of you have already got one!

We can create any noteboard you like. Portrait, landscape, patterned, plain. You decide! We make to order or you can choose from the varieties we take to our fairs! No need for pins either! Simply slip all your letters and business cards under the ribbon!

This one is a kitchen one we have made from Cath Kidston fabric with fun colourful buttons, perfect for a bright country kitchen! If you have particular colours in your kitchen, lounge, or bedroom-tell us and we'll make it in those colours! You can even give us a particular material used in your living spaces and we'll make it up for you!

If you like simple patterns like gingham, then this one is for you. We made this for a little girl's bedroom! Gingham is perfect for a simple splash of pattern, or you can have any plain colours too!

If you dislike buttons-opt for bows! They make these noteboards extra pretty! Choose coloured ribbons, either matching or a variety!

All boards are £15 excluding postage and packaging. There will be discounts for boards made from already purchased materials and extras.

The Jessalli Team.

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